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What Would Jealena Wear

Jealena Dillard

I knnnnooooow you see it!  My E V O L V E Brown Sugar Sunglasses are available now! You can wear these brown tint sunglasses with everything, even pink!

My Bantu Knots took this look to another level y'all!  Previously, I would only wear them around the house or to run a quick errand.  I would have never worn them in public.  Now, I am in love myself and I feel comfortable with wearing a variety of styles that I used to shy away from.   Another great tip about Bantu Knots is that you can get two hair styles from one. It's very easy to do and if done correctly, it'll last for a week.

I was told to never wear white shoes when I was younger, especially after Labor Day.  Well I did just that as you can see.  My all white stylish heels can easily be worn on multiple occasions and easily transition from day to night. You should wear whatever you want to, whenever you want to, regardless of tradition. Don't be tied to someone else's old fashioned rules and regulations. 

Wanna' know a secret? You ready? I love shopping at Target! While in college Target was one of my favorite go to stores for affordable styles. You will have no problem with finding at least 2 easy to wear items from clearance and a pair of sassy shoes to match.



Top : Forever 21

Bottom : Forever 21

Shoes : Target

Sunglasses : E V O L V E