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Jealena Dillard

C.R.E.A.M! - (Cash Rules Everything Around Me)

This WWJW Wednesday’s focus is on the details that complete a look.  You can pull comfortable pieces from your closet, and dress them up with accessories to go out looking and feeling great!   With this week’s featured look, I took a basic outfit, finished it with a necklace, bracelets, a hat, and EVOLVE eyewear, and effortlessly transformed it into a stylish look with just a little imagination.  Sometimes it's just in the details.  Oh and my red Adidas popped the whole look off.  Whenever you have a chance to wear tennis shoes, do it.  You outfit may depend on them and your feet will love you!

EVOLVE's featured eyewear - "Make 'Em Say" are also Unisex

Inspirational Tip of the Week - Never allow any person or situation to affect your self-esteem. Continue with what you know is best, even if you think no one notices or cares. Don’t be weighed down by what others may think about you. Their thoughts and worries are their problem not yours.  Lighten your load - love yourself, forgive yourself, get up when you fall, maintain a healthy self-esteem, and keep striving toward your goals.  You will earn what you deserve.   


Shirt - 12AMRUN

Shoes - Adidas 

Hat - Forever 21

Pants - FashionNova 

Eyewear - Evolve

Barcelets - Aldo