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Soul Flower

Jealena Dillard

Yeah.  My loving and positive energy is like that of the youth of the “flowerchild” generation, whose core beliefs revolved around peace and love during the tumultuous 1960s. This week’s outfit, complete with fringes, wide legged pants, clog heeled shoes and long braided hair, utters my inner hippie as I visit the secret place where I find calmness in my world. This space features a beautiful garden with a variety of flowers and a breathtaking view of the entire downtown Birmingham area.  Yeah, the personification of peace...

 EVOLVE's featured eyewear - "Lemonade

Inspirational Tip of the Week - Meditation is the art of silencing the mind. Sitting in silence and being with self improves concentration, reduces stress, improves health, and brings peace and knowledge of self among other things.  The benefits of meditation as a part of my daily routine has made a huge difference in the overall quality of my life.  “Pause and enjoy refreshing for few minutes each day” -- with practice, meditation will become the best part of your day too. (

Top - Forever 21

Pants - H&M

Sunglasses - EVOLVE

Shoes - Target