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What Would Jealena Wear

Jealena Dillard

It's Wednesday and once again,  I'm blessed to share with you another What Would Jealena Wear post!

This week's look is very simple, yet it's definitely popping.  Let's start with my pumps.  These iridescent heels (purchased at a shoe boutique on Melrose when lived in LA) are popping with color from every angle.  Sadly, this is only my second time wearing these beauties since my college graduation day. Today, I paired them with off white tailored pants, which are perfect to wear at a wedding, a business meeting or even brunch in the city.  Finally, my black bralette is must for the hot and humid Alabama weather.  Underwear as outerwear can be worn tastefully, just be careful not to overdo it. You can add a neutral blazer to this look, just in case.

As always, the ultimate Wow factors of the week are my EVOLVE sunglasses which are available to purchase now on 

My message this week is about focus and living life with no fears, (which is always easier said than done.) You should take a leap of faith and know that God will make away for you to come out on top. If your intentions are genuine, and you believe what you're working towards is what is meant for you, don't ever focus on failing. I believe that's when you find pure happiness.

Success is loving life and daring to live it.
— Maya Angelou