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What Would Jealena Wear

Jealena Dillard

I literally saw this outfit in my head as I laid in my bed Head to Toe. My top was a Forever 21 romper that was too shortunfortunately. Because I loved the vibrant green color so much and the way my melanin glows in it, I purchased it anyway and made it into a top. My bottoms were bought on sale (of course) from H&M and are perfect for the summer. Today was my first day actually picking my curls out and wearing my fro in quite some time. It is such an easy style, as it adapts to different settings and definitely turn heads with it’s popping hues of red. I know how often I mention I love a certain WWJW look, but I really love this one.

Top : Forever 21

Bottom : H&m 

Shoes : Jessica Simpson 

Purse : Target 

Inspirational Tip of the Week - Dealing with pressure is something we all have to do at one time or another. How you take action and handle the situations determine the outcome. Pressure can either make you a stronger person or break you down mentally and emotionally. Here are 4 ways to control the pressures of life:  Focus on the fundamental, Redefine the value of pressure, (Re)Affirm yourself and Reframe the task as temporary.  For more details, check out